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Corn Silo near cornfield



AGI/York Conveyor

Our impressive line-up of en-masse conveyors is one more example of YORK’s well-earned, field-proven reputation for performance over the long haul.

AGI - York grain conveyor
Honeyville grain convey

Honeyville Conveyor

Head and tail sections G-90 galvanized  steel, all sprockets with taper lock bushings. Class II Dodge torque-arm type gear reducer installed with over-head motor mount.

Incline Conveyor

All galvanized, bolted construction. Head, tail, and trunk sections made with 1/4" HR steel. Heavy duty WR78-4 and WR124 steel chain with welded attachments.

Incline Drag Conveyor
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AGI/York Conveyor
Honeyville Conveyor
Incline Conveyors
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